Although rooted in the business of agriculture, Farmers Union has grown over the decades to offer insurance plans for every kind of commercial enterprise. No matter how large or small, or whether you own an auto dealership, hair salon or brew pub, we can right-size a plan for you, and probably save you money while doing so.


General liability insurance might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about business insurance. This covers you if something goes wrong in your business, whether caused by a customer, employee or mother nature. There are many factors to consider and each business is unique, so a detailed conversation will get you started down the path to what you will need.


Commercial Auto is very similar to personal auto, but covers the vehicles your business might own, and those driving for you while conducting business on your behalf. You do not want to overlook this area of your operations.


Workers Compensation covers employees who may be injured while working for you. All government contracts and many others actually require that those awarded contracts have this insurance. Even if you do not do government work, it is very important to have this coverage in case of injury.


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